Category : Events | Date : May 4, 2023

MANIFICA Team Exhibited at JEC World 2023 in Paris, Showcases Innovative Solutions for Composites Industry

The MANIFICA team had the pleasure of participating and exhibiting at JEC World 2023 in Paris, 25th-27th of april, one of the most important events in the composites world. As a team dedicated to developing innovative solutions for the recycling of carbon composites industry, it was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our recycled carbon fibre (rCF) semi-finished products and highlight the future applications and industrialisation of our process.

A wide range of products and objects made out of recycled carbon fibre: fabrics, pultruded plates and sport products (running shoe soles, and standup paddles manufactured by our partners) were displayed. Our products demonstrate the versatility and potential of recycled carbon fibre, but and also show the aesthetics of parts.

We were delighted to see the enthusiasm and interest in our technology and solutions. We believe that our recycled carbon fibre and future industrialisation of the recycling process are a significant steps towards a more sustainable and responsible future for the composites industry.

In addition, this event provided an excellent opportunity to highlight the collaboration between Manifica and Nova Carbon, a new startup sharing our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Their presence at the start-up booster showcases the future industrialisation of recycled carbon fibres semi products, and holds the promises of new collaborations.

As a team, we are dedicated to advancing the composites industry with our innovative and low-energy solutions and look forward to continuing to collaborate with like-minded partners. We encourage anyone interested in our technology or seeking collaboration opportunities to reach out to us through the contact form on our website.

Overall, JEC World 2023 was a success, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our products and vision for a more sustainable future with the composites industry.