Category : Project | Date : Sep 18, 2023

The MANIFICA project makes way for Nova carbon and high-performance carbon fibre recycling moves up a gear

After 39 months of research and development, MANIFICA project makes way for Nova carbon. Over these years, the team worked tirelessly to overcome technical and environmental challenges. MANIFICA’s success was possible thanks to the vital support and commitment of many stakeholders. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the European Union for funding this project, and all project partners who have contributed to it.

Our commitment to research and sustainable development will continue. Work is now carried on a larger scale and new partnerships are being set up:

From a research point of view: The University of Bordeaux and I2M maintain their leading position. If you would like to join us, please contact Olivier Mantaux (

From a commercial point of view, we are delighted to announce that the company Nova Carbon is taking over. If you would like to collaborate or obtain samples, please contact the founders of Nova Carbon, Hugo Cartron ( or Vincent GAMBOA ( The ambition is to market recycled and aligned carbon fibres. You can follow Nova Carbon on the website or on LinkedIn

Thank you all again for making MANIFICA such an outstanding project!